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PostForum: Installation   Posted: Wed Jul 24, 2019 2:39 am   Subject: Replacement high tension leads

The leads are from a Ford Crown Victoria. Of course, our engine only uses 6 of the 8 leads!
Problem is solved - it was a bad spark plug that only fired intermittently and then at lower intensity. C ...
PostForum: Installation   Posted: Wed Jul 03, 2019 3:26 am   Subject: Replacement high tension leads

Our OHC jeep straight six with Megajolt light Junior EDIS suddenly developed a misfire (she seems to be running on 5 cylinders). There is a spark at all cylinders however. Clearly the sparkplug wire ...
PostForum: General Discussion   Posted: Wed Sep 19, 2012 4:04 pm   Subject: Boost engineering

If you're asking if there is something wrong.... no. But I have another project (Healey 3000) that I'm considering and also like the idea if using the exact same parts in two cars... Interchangeabil ...
PostForum: General Discussion   Posted: Sun Jul 08, 2012 8:48 pm   Subject: Boost engineering

Yes, thanks... but I really need to get out into some rural wrecking yards. I want to find an EDIS6 and matching coil exactly the same as the one Boost Engineering sent me - good to have handy replac ...
PostForum: General Discussion   Posted: Sat Jul 07, 2012 3:58 am   Subject: Boost engineering

Is there another business that offers the same service? I would like to pick up another set of used Ford EDIS parts.

PostForum: Operation   Posted: Tue Sep 06, 2011 12:46 am   Subject: Sudden MJLJ failure?

Success! The Willys seems to be running properly again. MJ computer readouts seem to be working...

It was a fuel starvation problem... squirted some ether down the carb and she sputtered back to l ...
PostForum: Operation   Posted: Mon Sep 05, 2011 4:52 pm   Subject: Sudden MJLJ failure?

Yes, with the MJ disconnected, the engine shows no sign of life at all, very strange.... I'll check some more obvious possibles and report back.

PostForum: Operation   Posted: Sun Sep 04, 2011 10:43 pm   Subject: Sudden MJLJ failure?

Sure enough, when the various 12 Volt inputs were checked a bad connection on the upper side of the board was found while the under side still had a properly soldered joint. In the picture, I have sh ...
PostForum: Operation   Posted: Mon Aug 29, 2011 6:44 am   Subject: Sudden MJLJ failure?

Thank you Brent... I'll check the voltage where the molex pins are soldered into the printed board tomorrow.
PostForum: Operation   Posted: Mon Aug 29, 2011 1:36 am   Subject: Sudden MJLJ failure?

With engine running, we connected up the computer.... program opened but nothing - no rpm, no vacuum etc shown and the little green LED light on the MJLJ unit is off.

Checked the obvious power/grou ...
PostForum: Installation   Posted: Tue Mar 08, 2011 5:27 pm   Subject: EDIS6 on BMW

kucza: two things come to mind...

firstly, is your CPS aligned properly with the teeth on your trigger wheel. In the photo, it looks like the sensor could be moved outward to get better coverage. ...
PostForum: Installation   Posted: Wed Mar 02, 2011 4:58 pm   Subject: Fuse values for coilpack, EDIS and MegaJolt

Thank you Brent:

Ours is an EDIS-6 coilpack but I'll just flip in a 15 amp fuse as you recommend and see what happens.


PostForum: Installation   Posted: Wed Mar 02, 2011 4:48 am   Subject: Fuse values for coilpack, EDIS and MegaJolt

OK, I found a thread on this topic back on Jul 08, 2009 9:58 pm. As I understand it, you measure the current flow with the system running and then use a fuse of a higher value. Sounds simple.

It ...
PostForum: Installation   Posted: Wed Mar 02, 2011 1:03 am   Subject: Fuse values for coilpack, EDIS and MegaJolt

I installed fused power supplies for the coilpack, EDIS unit and the MJLJ but do not know what size fuses to use. At the moment I have inline fuses from the battery of 30 amps and 5 amps for the Ford ...
PostForum: Operation   Posted: Mon Aug 23, 2010 7:36 pm   Subject: Trigger wheel offset

Final follow up... measured the timing last night (finally found my ancient Sun Timing gun) - it was about 11 - 12 degrees before top dead center. So I'll plug in -2 degrees in the trigger offset win ...
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