Help Please Global controller Option

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Help Please Global controller Option

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Hi All,
I need help please I have a 2.0L ford pinto engine with fast road cam twin weber 40's with a megajolt, I have a misfire at 4000 rpm (almost like a cough and a back fire) then it carries on upto 5500 rpm no issue,
So far I have changed Coil Pack and Plugs, change the setting on the mega jolt, Changed the jetting on webers, cant see any air leaks on the webers but still it keeps doing it.
I did at one point change the setting on the mega jolt took it out for a short drive and I thought I had fixed it but the next time I drove it back to the same issue. The mega jolt is keeping it setting as far as I can see.
I am pulling my hair out

On the megajolt (Using MAP sensing) I have only put the number of cylinders in the Global Controller Option nothing else, should the cranking advance be something other than 0 also the Trigger offset and EDIS PIP filter level??

Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks

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Did you possibly forget to write it permanently ?

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