Recommendations on a data plan / sim card?

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Recommendations on a data plan / sim card?

Post by davef_dci »

Help / Bummer..... we've now tried AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile and none of them will support or work with our 3G Racecapture Pro MK3. Are we out of luck?

Does anyone know if there are any options or is our MK3 no longer usable with cellular?

Bumping this in hope of a fix. We have one of the original Racecapture Pro MK3s that was 3G. As I mentioned, AT&T re-assigned our phone number (didn't use last year due to COVID). We've been told by AT&T that their SIM cards will no longer support 3G devices. Is it no longer possible to get a data plan that will work?

Are we screwed?



Hey folks,

We've gone a year without racing due to Covid and are excited to be getting back in the car next weekends. In the ensuing year AT&T apparently re-assigned our data plan phone number so I need a new data plan and SIM card. Any recommendations on good matches with the Racecapture MK3?

Yikes, here's another question. I don't have any of the original documentation. I'm pretty sure my unit was 3G. Are the new units 4G? I don't know squat about data plans. Do I need a 3G SIM card or will a 4G work?


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Re: Recommendations on a data plan / sim card?

Post by Sawdust »

Hi Dave,

I use Google Fi for phone service. When I was having trouble with my FreedomPop account last year, I got a data-only SIM from Google Fi for my account and it works with my RCP Mk 3 which only supports 3.5G. Now that FreedomPop is dropping the 200MB free plan, I used the Google Fi data-only SIM this weekend at Watkins Glen and my data streamed to Podium fine.

Of course the question now is how long will that last. I've already confirmed with Brent that there is no chip/radio upgrade possible for our RCP Mk 3 to 4G.

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