MAP NEEDED 1380cc mini rally car

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MAP NEEDED 1380cc mini rally car

Post by Warning634 »

Engine Mfg: A-series A+
Engine Code:
Cylinders: 4
Displacement (cc): 1380
Rev Limit: 7500
Boosted or Normally Aspirated: NA
If Boosted- max Pressure (KPa):
Modifications: Cyliner head MED offset race 38/31, titan roller rockers, Omega Pistons 70cc, MED AGSP camshaft(FULL RACE), Cooper S 521 lightened, balanced, polished rods, 1275GT 1505 Ni Temp, cross drilled, bladed wedged crank shaft, ultra light flywheel & back plate, richard longman built split 45 DCOE's
Notes: Compression test of each cylinder 210psi, when it was on the rolling road at Richard Longmans the ignition timing was 20* at idle and 30* total and that was with an aldon 100 ARP

really need a new map for this set up....please can someone help mega urgent as i have an event in under 2 weeks..



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Post by toenee »

I started with the 'MiniSPi2-MD286.mjlj' (it's quite a soft map) and went from there, adjusting it to suit your engine. Ideally with a wideband AFR gauge connected.

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