Superchargerd Rover V8

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steven 90
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Superchargerd Rover V8

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I have fitted a eaton m 90 with lpg on my rover V8 ( no gasoline)

Now i am looking for a ignition map, at first it started after a lot of starting and revd verry hard, found that there was a vacuum leak. Fixxed it and did not run since then

Now even with megajolt disconnected, it will not even start up, a bitt of backfire, not running annymore.

I have tried the standard map on the cd rom, and with vacuum advance disconnected, no luck.

Should i take vacuum advance from the suction off the blower ore use the pressure side ?

I have sett the megajolt to pressure and with the needle saying 100 kpa this is atmopsheric pressure ? So iff the needle go's tot lets say 30 this is more vacuum ?


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