Rambler (AMC, Nash) 195.6 OHV inline six maps

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Rambler (AMC, Nash) 195.6 OHV inline six maps

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Engine Mfg: Rambler (AMC)
Engine Code: na
Cylinders: 6
Displacement (cc): 195.6 cu in OHV (not the L-head of same displacement)
Rev Limit: na
Boosted or Normally Aspirated: NA
If Boosted- max Pressure (KPa):
Modifications: 9:1 forged pistons, valve head port work, Weber 38/38, reground cam (increase LSA)
Chassis: 1961 Rambler American roadster

this is the "old" six, not the new-in-1964 199/232. this is the old Nash motor that AMC stuck a new head on in '58 to tide them over until the new six. 3.125" bore x 4.25" stroke, very undersquare. practical RPM limit is 4500 rpm, but usable torque at 1200. the factory distributor provided 11 degrees mechanical 11 degrees vacuum advance for 22 total over the 5 BTDC static. as you can see the EDIS-6 is a huge improvement.

the bins have been adjusted to better map the engine's usable range.

my computers are Linux or MacOS, no windows. I wrote my own tuner program. it is available for free here: https://github.com/tomjennings/MegaJolt_tuner
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