Fall 2008 Update- Decals / 240z R&D platform / ?????

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Fall 2008 Update- Decals / 240z R&D platform / ?????

Post by brentp »

Hello Megajolter's:

Powered By Megajolt Decals
By popular request- we finally have Powered by Megajolt stickers in stock! Looking back I can't explain why this took so long, but here we are.

The decals are white cut vinyl, 10" x 1.5" and look great on most surfaces!

(this is an actual decal affixed to black plexiglass)

As a thank you for spreading the word about Autosport Labs, we will donate $1.00 for every decal sold to the International Save the Children Alliance. Consequently, we are happily making zero profits off of these decals. It's just a small thing, but felt like the right thing to do.

A funny story- I ran into a worker for said charity on my way out the local grocery store- so I preemptively and gleefully pounced on them to let them what we were already doing- they certainly didn't see that coming! :)

Browse our decals here:

New R&D platform!
We recently acquired our next R&D platform to torture with our projects- a 73 Datusn 240z! It's been prepped for track duty, living it's former life as a road race competitor. It's patiently waiting for a set of triple weber side-drafts, headers, and of course, conversion to MJLJ.

We'll have a special de-commissioning ceremony for the old points based distributor. Any suggestions on what to do with it? :D


See more pics of our family addition here!
http://www.autosportlabs.net/Research_a ... _Platforms

Announcing new project: <CENSORED!!>

We'll very soon be announcing a new major project. An no, it's not Megajolt2- we've already announced that. :wink: (we'll have an update on MJ2 soon as well)

We believe it will set the bar for performance, features and price- and we hope you will agree. Watch for an announcement soon!

V3 firmware updates
Work on the v3 firmware updates continues- but we've been fitting it in between phases of other work. If you are interested in beta-testing the V3 firmware drop me a PM so I can gauge level of interest, and also so I can notify you as it becomes available.
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Thats great news Brent. Will be ordering some stickers shortly.

As for the to be disused dizzy, i'm sure my 7 yr old :twisted: son :twisted: would gladly take a hammer to it for you. So far he's smashed up a celica starter motor, vw golf throttle bodies and what ever else he can get his mitts on lol. :lol:
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Megajolt repair for the UK available

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Post by DannyP »

Sounds good, Brent. 240Z should be fun, enjoy it. Maybe get a smelting pot and melt the dizzy a la "Terminator" !!

Interested in the secret development, as well as the V3 firmware update. My season is pretty much over, topless and heatless car.......... :evil:

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Post by germanz »

Hi Brendt,

congratulations with your 240Z, a very good choice.

How about the V3 release date ?



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Post by brentp »

Thank you! I'm happy with the choice of the 240z as well, even though I haven't been able to enjoy it very much. It will be much better after the needed work is done.

I've received some good feedback on the V3 firmware, thank you- I have an opening in my schedule where I can re-prioritize it near the top of the list, so I should be able to wrap it up very soon.
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