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Autosport Labs now on Twitter!

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I've been searching for the best way to keep the community abreast of our activities. We get in a cycle where we find ourselves head down and immersed in our projects, and when we pop up for air it seems like there is much to report, but the inertia to 'keep going' is hard to overcome.

So, what we have so far are chunky, 'big-bang' news updates, which is clearly sub-optimal when it concerns getting feedback from the community.

What we have landed on to overcome this problem is the use of Micro-blogging via Twitter, coupled with updates to the forum and wiki, to improve transparency and the connection with the user community.


- Learning your wants and needs
- More frequent updates on our project, specifically on getting feedback from you
- Hearing about the cool car/racing your doing
- And broadcasting the crazy/cool/stupid car/race stuff we come up with :)

We're sending this out now since updates are heating up on RaceCapture, Megajolt2 and 24 Hours of Lemons!

Now- ride along with us by going to and click the 'follow' button. If you don't have an account you can sign up- it's easy!
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