New MegaJolt/E Tuning App for Windows

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New MegaJolt/E Tuning App for Windows

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I have developed the majority of a framework that implements the MegaJolt/E Communication Protocol as well as a Windows application that shows how to use it. Before I release the source code, I would love to have a few of you try it out to make sure I didn't miss something. Below is a list of the things that are complete and things that still need to be done.

To use the app, download both zip files below and extract them to the same location. Sorry, I went over the 250K limit so I had to upload it in 2 files. Then run PcJollt.exe As you can see from the screen shot, it looks very much like Brent's application. Just a little more polished.

Post any bugs you find here, and I'll get them fixed before I release the source code. This is all written in C# using Visual Studio 2012 and compiled for the .Net Framework 4.5.

Open existing config files.
Write out modified config files.
Read your global configuration.
Update your global configuration.
Read your Ignition Map.
Update your Ignition Map.
Read the Current State.

Not Implemented:
Adjust Load/RPM Bins on the UI
Load Axis Calibration
Auxiliary Input Validation
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