Road testing

Discussion on the Hard Rev Limiter module, currently under beta testing. <a href="">Project Information</a>

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Road testing

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Just before xmas, I fitted the rev-limiter board to a V2 megejolt

had a chance in the last few days to "road test" the unit.

Findings are good, it does what it says on the tin.

Started off with a 2000rpm limit and worked my way up from that.

At higher rates of accerelation the rev limit is quite sharp, my guess is that the rev pick up so quick the soft cut doesn't have a chance to take effect.
Not what you want at higher gears/speed, but then again, you wouldn't be wanting to hit the limiter anyway. I was thinking about using the outputs to give me a sequencial shift light as a bit more warning.

Also as an added bonus I'm running a Weber 45, the flames can be quite something also :lol: , almost as good as my Impreza on the overrun.

But over all, happy with the product, and a lot cheaper that waiting for the valves to start bouncing.

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