Integrated MJL - Rev Limiter

Discussion on the Hard Rev Limiter module, currently under beta testing. <a href="">Project Information</a>

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Integrated MJL - Rev Limiter

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You already offer assembled MegaJolt Lite units, as well as assembled Hard Rev Limiter boards.

The documentation describes how the Hard Rev Limiter can be stuffed into the MJL case, but frankly, it looks a bit daunting.

Might it make sense for Autosport Labs to simply sell assembled, packaged ignition controllers that include both the MJL and the HRL? I would guess that most people buying MJL (either as a kit, or assembled) also buy the HRL. So, why not offer an installed HRL as an option for buyers of the assembled units?

Jay Mackro
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Thank you for the suggestion. Originally the rev limiter was designed for internal or external mounting. The thought with external mounting was to keep it close to the coil pack in order to prevent long runs of heavy gauge wire. Also; at the time it was developed we were still with the V3 controller- installing the hard rev limiter inside the unit required significant modification to the V3 controller.

The V4 controller makes installation much easier. While the logic for installing it close to the coil pack still has some merit, the convenience of integrated installation seems to outweigh that. We have been planning on offering an "installation' service option on the hard rev limiter, so your note is timely.

Thanks again for the feedback!
Brent Picasso
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