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installation help

Post by monkeh »

im in the process of wiring the rev limiter internally but im a bit confused with the installation guide.
i dont get these steps..
- Cut the REV_LIMIT trace on the MJLJ board running from the ULN2003 to the REV_LIMIT connector pin. The REV_LIMIT pin will now be the new COIL power supply..
- Connect the Rev limit COIL output to REV_LIMIT pin on MJLJ connector.

also, ive had to trim down the coil power and +12v wires quite severely to allow them to fit into the holes on the rev limit board. is this advised? the wires are more like 16/18 gauge for the last 3mm or so before the holes!

advice would be appreciated.

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First- are you installing into a V3 or V4 controller? If you are unsure, the hardware version is printed on the circuit board itself.

The V4 controller, shown in the first part of the installation, with pictures, is designed to receive the hard rev limiter without any modifications to the V4 board.

For a V3 hardware unit, the installation is much more involved if you choose to install it inside the V3 case, usually requiring modifications to the V3 board. The separate instructions for the V3 controller is at the bottom of the installation page.
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