Hard Cut Rev limiter Success

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Hard Cut Rev limiter Success

Post by Dhutch »

I recently bought a MJLT v4 with hard cut rev limiter of ebay (someone elses spare, unused, but not new) and am pleased to report it worked a treat.

Wired it up and it all worked totally fine first time.

Only thing i am aware of is that as the coil feed now comes throught the megajolt and hardcut board, if you remove the megajolt (or it fails totally) you ofcause get no spark and can not make use of the edis' limp home mode without briding the 12v feed pin on the plug to the coil feed pin.

I considered fitting a switch to bypass the hardcut board (toggle the coil feed between the mjlt feed and the output form the hard cut board) but as yet havent as im not expecting the mjlt to fail and if it does will do something with some tape and a lenght of wire!


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