Theft Recovery

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Theft Recovery

Post by Ian »

I had a thought the other night after reading about someone's race trailer being stolen, with the car still inside.

Could the Race Capture system be used as a sort of theft Recovery helper.

If keyed up can the GPS ping and or 4G signal be logged somehow to show where the car is located when powered up?

I know there are trailer GPS options and other trackers, but theres already a MK3 in our car, I'm just curious if it's possible to track it somehow outside of the normal telemetry modes?

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Re: Theft Recovery

Post by brentp »

If the RaceCapture was set to automatically broadcast telemetry, then it would be possible to spot it's location on Podium. However, this isn't a main feature of the product, and we're not pursuing any of these features, as it's not in our core product focus.

There are many asset tracking companies doing a great job on this, however!

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