RaceCapture Action Cam?????

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RaceCapture Action Cam?????

Post by cdoxp800 »

I have been thinking about this for a quite a while now. I was thinking another good, crowdsourcing project could be a RaceCapture Action Cam. Something at a min of [email protected] and would connect via Can buss. I know AiM has their Smarty Cam which is very High end as to its functions. I am talking something simple like record/stop record based off parameters defined in the RC App similar to the way the current GoPro control works. if could have its own on board Micro Sd storage.
I am currently using an old GoPro Hero 3 Black with my RC Track. It works well, but the camera is ageing. So, I picked up a Hero 8. Seems Gopro has changed the way the WiFi works on the Cameras.

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Re: RaceCapture Action Cam?????

Post by aUzer »

How about an app for phones. Phones can produce excellent audio and video, are fairly rugged, have lots of mounting options available, can be battery/line powered and older/used ones are often quite economical. If there was some type of interface between RC and the phone that enabled RC to turn on/off recording on 1 or more phones, that'd be really useful. Harry's Laptimer used to have a multi-cam option that did this, but it stopped working at some point.

An lesser alternative option would be to have something that could be used to sync the RC data to one or more videos captured using dash cams, phones, whatever. I currently do this using an audio sync and RaceRender ... but sometimes I forget to shout the "audio sync, 1, 2, 3" as I'm entering the track. Having RaceCapture produce some sync info automatically would be useful.

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Re: RaceCapture Action Cam?????

Post by brentp »

Thanks for the suggestions; we have been thinking and planning much for a video solution for RC, and we are close to start talking about them, as we get the V2 beta app released to production (finally).

Stay tuned for news on this front. :)
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