Couple post-assembly comments..

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Couple post-assembly comments..

Post by celica-fiend »

Hi all..

professional solder-monkey.. assembled a couple of the V4 boards for a friend now..

The one I finished today I also built the rev limiter board and wired it into the case..

The MJLJR went together smoothly.. as did the rev limiter.. connecting the two together and installing into the case is where things fell down slightly..

The assembly instructions tell me to use 14ga wires to connect +12v and coil power.. and 18(-22) to connect trig and gnd..

After soldering 2 14ga wires into the MJLJR board, I found the holes in the rev limit board were too small for a 14ga wire (by just a hair).. after some brute force and trickery I managed to wedge them in safely and solder them... thinking to outsmart anymore problems I soldered 2 18ga wires into the rev limit board first.. and then found the holes in the MJLJR board arent big enough for 18ga..

Next problem was found when combining it all together into the case.. where the nice SMD electrolytic cap shown in your assembly photos would fit between the boards no problems.. the larger thru-hole unit shipped with the two kits Ive built does not.. I was lucky and had left just enough lead that I could bend the cap over sideways.. where it then hits one of the molex pins but clears the board.. almost.. if you force it a little.. insulated the cap top and side that hit the molex pin with some tape to ensure there were no issues..

Last comment is the first photo under 'Installing the Hard Rev Limiter' is a few revs (A vs C) out of date.. which isnt a big deal if you read silkscreens.. but might confuse newbies just trying to follow the picture to wire the two together .. as the trig and gnd holes are rotated differently..



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Post by brentp »

Thanks for the feedback. Our next board revision makes the GND/Trigger holes larger and much easier to use!

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