Help in finding programmer for 68HC908KX8 / MC908KX8CDWE

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Help in finding programmer for 68HC908KX8 / MC908KX8CDWE

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Hello to all in the forum.
I am new here and I am willing to make one Magajolt Ignition myself.
There are no more kits , it is too much to me to buy one build-ed. So I decided to try

I read a lot in the forum and search in internet and found that old 68HC908KX8 are no longer found in any store , but

MC908KX8CDWE is the new (SOIC) version and I think it can be easy "converted" to DIP with adapter

so I need help in finding CHEAP (or DIY) programmer for 68HC908KX8 / MC908KX8CDWE

I must confest that I never before work with programmer .... so I am new in this , but this is not brain surgery , so I think I can do it some how :)) if I find the right howto and the right hardware/soft

In one forum I found man talking for "Willette Programmer" and "this board is to program the KX8 processor chip for the MJLJ and program a GP32 chip for MSnEDIS"

but I want to be sure before start building something , does it program those processors ?

Also the program used ... the one I found is "PROG08SZ Interactive Programmer" which can be downloaded free

So please tell me (show me link if you can) where to find programmer soft and hardware.

The reason I am starting from here (from the processor) is that this is the most hard to find item.... why to make board and solder ...etc. if a the end I will not able to find and program the processor.

Thank you in advance

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