Motec logger to real time telemetry module

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Motec logger to real time telemetry module

Post by PaddyMcP »

I've poked around a little bit and read some of the wiki links.. still have a few questions...

I currently have a MoTec dash logger, Motec PDM and Vipec ECU sharing info via CAN and logging to the dash. I'd like to try the cell phone based telemetry with the "realtime telemetry module." Is that the only box I need? or Do I need recapture's logger box in addition to that? I have no need for additional sensors, or GPS currently as I have them in the car already going to the dash logger.

A few other questions on telemetry:
How many channels can be transmitted displayed?
Can the channels be displayed in a custom layout? or is there only a standard template for telemetry viewing? (I'd like to display the amp draws and fault codes for the PDM in addition to the basics)
Can you record the telemetry stream for later review?
Can racecapture write the configuration if I give them my custom can stream info or do I need my data guy to do this?


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Post by brentp »


Apologies for the late reply.

You would need the RaceCapture/Pro MK2 system with integrated telemetry. This system can map the CAN channels into the appropriate telemetry stream, blending it with GPS and other internal sensors.

More information here:

Right now we have the ability to map 30 CAN channels, but that can be expanded as needed. That's on top of the built-in analog and digital sensors in the system.

You can create virtual channels that are based on formulas, combined values from other channels- the system is extremely flexible due to the on-board scripting.

Here's an example creating a virtual channel, combining the value of two sensors: ... hannels.29

We have many other examples, including mapping channels from CAN bus data.

We have a guide for mapping the CAN channels: - there are already several mappings you can use that can be copy/pasted as is.

You can review the telemetry stream in real time, or for later review. See the video here:

Thanks again for your interest, please let us know if we can help further.
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