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adding channels

Post by 23tuner »

Since I am new here I am not sure if this is the place to post this but I thought it would be a start.

I have a RCP mk2, with the latest version update and the latest app.

I have been using it in my 2012 Nissan JUKE race project for this past year, with the OBD2 cable to get coolant temp,speed, rpm and external sensors to get, map, engine and trans oil temp sensors. I have just recently purchased a sensor board, and led shift light that I will be installing on the car this winter before the next race in April.

In the mean time, I have been thinking of a project on my daily driver(2013 golf TDI with a DSG) and the RCP, and I have a question. Is one able to add channels to the RCP if they were not available for display.

For example. when I hooked up the OBD2 cable to the RCP and programmed all the channels to display each channel IE fuel, boost(map),coolant,etc. the only channels the RCP app would display is the RPM,Speed,volt, and fuel.

Is there a process in which(if I can supply the Can protocol) I can add channels that the RCP can read from he OEM ECU. like boost, coolant temp ,etc.

And if I can get real tricky have a LARGE gear display, because this car is a DSG gear box and the 1cm gear;) and I know that CAN protocol.

Any insight would be appreciated

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Post by brentp »

Hi Lars,

Sounds like you want to read OBD-II PIDs that are OEM specific? We're adding that functionality coinciding with the new RaceCapture being released on Kickstarter. That version of RC will have a focus on better OBD-II support, including the ability to specify OEM specific PIDs.

Why mention the new RaceCapture? Because we'll port it to RaceCapture/Pro as well, so the features are available everywhere.

Of course, those OEM specific PIDs need to be known, and that might require the community reverse engineering the Nissan OBD-II protocol or other tricks.

Hope that helps!
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