What about carb cars?

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What about carb cars?

Post by Humpty »

Having had good experiences with the MJLJ for a few years (though I wish it had a two step!), I have been thinking about setting up the RaceCapture rig on a mates aircooled drag car... This is a pure old school car, that is getting extremely fast.... Its currently a low 10 second NA car!

We are running NOS, wideband O2 and MSD 6AL with two step and MSD Dizzy. We want to add EGT and TPS, and log the whole box and dice, but its proving difficult to find the right setup.

My question is this.... Can the RaceCapture be used with a car that has the minimum of electrical gear onboard?


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Post by gizmodo »

Technically all it needs is +12 volt and ground. The rest of the inputs are up to you.

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