setup for shifter karts?

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setup for shifter karts?

Post by coolhandluke »

So i bought racecapture pro 2 for my miata, but before I could ever get it installed and use it, the miata was totalled.

Now I'm looking into getting into shifter karts after finding out there is a track local to me. I know very very little about the karts, (125 cc honda 2 stroke engines.) Has anyone used this system on a shifter kart? what did you do for mounting, electrical, etc?
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Post by dimondjack »

I use the RCP on my rotax kart.

I mounted it on vibration isolators to the floor under my right leg as close to the center of the kart as I could get. I believe I used 4 of these: I had tried mounting it directly to the floor and the vibration caused the acceleration data to be unusable. It would max the sensor out in either direction such that it was impossible to filter the data and get something meaningful.

The rotax has a 12v battery, but I would just put together a little power pack of either a 9V battery of 8 AA batteries (the AAs will last much longer).

I haven't hooked it up to RPM yet but I assume you'd need the coil-x kit.

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Post by CarpeForza »

I plan on installing the RCP MKII on my ICC 125 shiftkart this spring. I was also planning on vibration isolators. MSD ignition isolators could also be used. I'm going to use a 12V power pack for my power (like for recharging cell phones). I have not figured out the rpm yet. In an earlier post, brentp said the Coil-X would not work due to the polarity being opposite of the intended design. On my old AIM Dataq, it was just a lead that coiled around the ignition wire.

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