Lap Time Accuracy

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ill upload it in the morning, everthings in the trailer for tonites feature. thanks.

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PS14 wrote:toga94, do you use the AEM Data?
My autocross race times are measured on track, from optical beams at start & finish, with a big LED display after finish. We typically run 30-40 seconds per pass, timer display accuracy to 0.001 seconds. I use RCP mostly to capture accel & yaw information and (at home) combine with engine data from the Megasquirt ECU. Next task is to tie MS CANbus data broadcast to the RCP so all the good things are in one logfile.
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Ryan, heres my config file
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Config looks good. I think this really is due to a 10HZ sample rate, the lap times would be 'locked' to happen on 100ms intervals, so you'd get times like this. I'll see if anyone else has ideas.
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