Bluetooth for Display AND Telemetry?

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Bluetooth for Display AND Telemetry?

Post by tshieldsgeo »

Can we use the bluetooth module to make a tablet the display, as well as use the tablets sim card to give the RCP access to the internet for telemetry?

Or do we need the Wifi Module as well to share the tablet wifi connection?

Would like to not use the RCP 2.5g connection as all carriers that support GSM suck

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Telemetry via App

Post by MikeD »

It should be possible to use the internet connection of the device running the RaceCapture App... though I did not used this function up to now but down below you can find a screenshot of the app showing the option you are asking for.
Telemetry via App.png
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Post by brentp »


You can live-stream telemetry using the App, providing the app has an internet connection. You just need to set the telemetry device id (Provided by Podium and then flipping the switch in the app preferences, as MikeD indicates.

The 3.5G telemetry module represents a huge step up in performance, and works with Canadian carriers as well: ... apturepro/

Hope this helps!
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