RPM settings?

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RPM settings?

Post by Stozer »

Hi, im looking for some help. The racecapture pro mk2 i have has been working great however i was the weak link, i keep forgetting to press the button to start the logging.

To try and get around this i have been looking to put a lua script in to auto start logging when the rpm goes above 500 and then stop when it drops below e.g. when the engine is on or not.

The problem i am encountering is on v.2.8.7 firmware the revs track perfectly using timer speed Slow and pulse per revolution 5 however when i turn the engine off the revs dont drop back to zero. I tried upgrading the firmware to v2.9.2 and now the revs pick up when the engine is on and drop back to zero when the engine is off, great, but now it wont pick up the correct revs no matter what setting i try. Any advise on how to get the right settings? The closest i get is using pulse per rev 1 which shows 540 revs despite the revs being 1140. All the other pulse per rev settings simply reduce the rev reading further and the timer speed setting doesn't seem to change anything now whereas it did on the old firmware.

Any advise you can give is greatly appreciated.

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Post by brentp »

Hi Stozer,

Did you get this figured out yet?
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