Where to get CAN OBD Channel Info for Ford?

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Where to get CAN OBD Channel Info for Ford?

Post by fishchoke »

If I'm looking to hook up an RCP3 to a 2008 Ford Expedition CAN / OBD ...
1) Where do I go to get the channel information?
2) How can I confirm for sure if this vehicle is compatible with RCP3 or not?

I can see from the CAN bus integration page (https://wiki.autosportlabs.com/CAN_Bus_Integration) that
The manufacturer provided document will show for each channel the following information:
Channel: (RPM, Engine Temperature, Throttle Position, etc)
CAN Identifier: The CAN Identifier for each channel. This may appear in either 11 or the extended 29 bit format. Typically 11 bits are used.
Offset: where the data starts within the 8 byte CAN message. An offset of 0 means the data starts on the first byte.
Length: Typically 1 or two bytes
Scaling: The raw value from the message is often scaled to a real world value. Typically this is provided as a multiplier and adder value, but may also specify a divider.

But I can't figure out so far where to go to get such information.
Sorry maybe newbie question for you guys but google searching ain't doing it for me.

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Post by JMcDonough »

This page on the wiki has some of the info you are looking for:


Using standard OBD2 PIDs will alleviate the need for the manufacturer specific CAN bus message information. That information, for the most part, is not public information. Some vehicles/makes have been reverse engineered and published here and elsewhere (see E46 BMW), but many have not.

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Post by brentp »

Hi fishchoke,

Presets for standard SAE channels are already provided, like RPM, TPS, EngineTemp and so on.

Ensure OBDII is turned 'ON' at the top of the settings page, then press the (+) button to add an OBDII channel.

In the popup select a channel from the drop-down. Try RPM as a first one to test.

After adding the channel write the settings back to RaceCapture/Pro; then switch to the dashboard screen to see your RPM data.

If you are setting OEM-proprietary OBDII PIDs for non-standard OBDII channels then the tabs in the popup dialog will provide the options for setting the PID, Mode (0x22 for Enhanced data mode request) and how to map / transform the data into a real-world value.

Mapping proprietary PIDs is an advanced topic and you'll need technical info for your car before settings these values.

As before, the common OBDII channels like RPM, TPS, EngineTemp are provided as pre-sets. All you have to do is select the channel and the details on the other tabs are auto-populated.

Hope this helps,
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