Unknown Track - Any way to enter start/finish without GUI?

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Unknown Track - Any way to enter start/finish without GUI?

Post by BigLobsterDude »

Is there any way to enter the start/finish line for an unrecognized track without using the RaceCapture Setup GUI?

At the track is nearly impossible to set (or revise) the start finish line if the automatic detection does not work.

On my older Traqmate it was a piece of cake to use Google Maps to determine and enter the lat, lon and direction values of the start finish line well before I ever visited the track.

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Post by brentp »


Yes - you can specify a manual start finish - here's a how-to video:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Wr6N50 ... 5j&index=2

Hope this helps - let us know how it works.
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