Newbie needs help!

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Newbie needs help!

Post by dickiemcswift »

Hey there! Installed new MK3 in a 1987 e30, no OBD so everything is connected via hardwired sensors. Its unclear to me how to assign sensor inputs to each individual sensor. Once you've selected 'analog 3' for example, then rename it, there is no longer any reference to the actual numbered connector port. After installing 7 sensors then renaming them, the 'analog 1-7' still exist in the drop down menu, as well as their renamed versions. How does the unit know which port is connected to each sensor?

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The analog inputs are numbered from top to bottom in the setup interface. So, the top sensor in the page is Analog #1, for example. This is connected to Analog 1 input port.

Hope this helps, and sorry for the confusion.
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