RPM signal from MSD 6AL

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RPM signal from MSD 6AL

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I want to run the RPM output(grey wire) from a MSD 6AL to the FREQ 1 input of the RCP. The output from the 6AL is a 12V square wave clean signal for shift lights/other devices. My question is if I connect the output from 6AL to the FREQ1 input of RCP, is there anything else that needs to be wired?

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I also use a 6AL. nothing more to do wiring wise. but you'll need to configure the channel for the number of cyl's. I also seem to get spikes in my data. nothing seems to eliminate it completely. lmk if you also get spikes. Dave

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Late to the party but I installed this on my 6AL and it works great https://www.glowshiftdirect.com/tachome ... al-filter/

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