How to get RaceCapture to record sessions...

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How to get RaceCapture to record sessions...

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I'm new to racecapture, and have been trying unsuccessfully to get this to reliably start and record our sessions. During the race last weekend, we had it set up to start logging when the rpm was above 100 and stop at 0 (using the setup menu). When that didn't work, I tried using the wiki example to start on GPS speed >10. It seemed to say it would start a session when the dashboard was on, however it seems the app crashes or turns itself off somehow once we get going.

We tried configuring a phone connected to the racecapture over blue tooth to relay results to podium, though that never seemed to work. We also couldn't get the phone to keep the dashboard up. The lights flicker on it so I assume it is powered and working throughout the race.

Looking at the racecapture afterwards in the analyze section, there doesn't seem to be any sessions saved.

We tried taking it out of the car and using a USB laptop connection to the device, though it is hard to tell if it is actually logging.

Any tricks to getting this working? even just logging a session would be useful.


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Re: How to get RaceCapture to record sessions...

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It sounds like you might have a powering issue if you're describing the LEDs as "flickering".

I would try the logging on the bench to ensure it works with a freshly formatted 32GB or smaller SD card. Try triggering the logging start/stop and observe its operation.

Once you get familiar and verify it works as expected on the bench, you can move it back to a car for some road testing, then back to your race car.

Please let us know your testing results!
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