OBDII on which CAN Bus?

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OBDII on which CAN Bus?

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Hi All,

Does it matter on which CAN-BUS you wire the OBDII coming from the car? First I had only wired the OBD plug on the car to CAN Bus 1 on the Mk2 and it worked. Now I have the OBD wired to CAN Bus 2 and another CAN Device is wired on CAN Bus 1. Now the OBDII channels don`t work anymore. My guess is I need to rewire OBDII to CAN Bus 1, is this correct?

Also ist the Mk2 capable of interpreting OBDII and Can Bus simultanously on both CAN lines?


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You need to edit your script to talk to the second channel. Hardware channel 1 is scripting channel 0, hardware channel 2 is scripting channel 1 (just subtract 1 from the number).
https://wiki.autosportlabs.com/RaceCapt ... _functions

These four examples are using CAN bus 1 (because of the 0)
https://wiki.autosportlabs.com/RaceCapt ... us_scripts

As long as your script uses the right channel, you should be able to use both ports in the same script. My MK1 only has the one channel so I can't prove it. :)
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