Podium Connect not powering up with AiM CAN cable

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NRG Motorsports
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Podium Connect not powering up with AiM CAN cable

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I have just installed a Podium Connect to my AiM MXL2 dash and have set it up through the USB cable. The moment I disconnect the USB it powers off. I have checked the power and ground at the Molex connector and all is well there.

What am I missing?


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Post by carlos88 »

just to help you save time, you should attach the setup file and post how its all connected.

like do you have a datahub that the podium is connected to? is there anything else connected to it?

that way when brent reads this, he can help you out right away

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Post by gills »


I'm having the same problem with mine. In addition to it not powering up with solely the molex connector, when I do have it in the AiM network and powered by the USB and Molex connector, the AiM system can't recognize GPS and get any lap data. It will see satellites, but it can't get any lap data.

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Post by gills »

And, it's throwing a "slaves net error" message on my MXL display.

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Post by brentp »

Hi NRG Motorsports,

A couple of questions to narrow things down.

* Aside from the power issue, are you getting data from AIM into PodiumConect otherwise? Are you seeing GPS and sensor data in the RaceCapture app?

* Thanks for measuring 12v at the connector. Can you try unplugging PodiumConnect and just give it raw 12v (actually 9-12v is fine) right into the connector of the unit? The connector is labeled for power (12v / GND). Let us know if that powers up your unit.

If not, we may need to take a look at it. Thanks, will keep an eye on this thread.
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