New User C5 Z06 Corvette

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New User C5 Z06 Corvette

Post by z06fromnj »

I think i might have a bad legacy cable, Im not getting any data coming in. Everything else seems to work.

Other C5 owners, have a few questions if there are any:

I should be able to get RPM, can you post your settings on the CAN tab and also the OBD tab?
What channels are you getting from the ODB port?
Can you wire an analog sensor just to the brake light and just make the sensor 0- off, anything greater than 0 = on?

Im new to this stuff but want to make this works with the C5 Z06, i am able to get data from another bluetooth OBD scanner so I think i might have a bad cable.

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Post by brentp »

Hi, just wanted to close the loop on this. Looks like you got it working with a replacement cable. Thanks!
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