Battery Voltage Channel Configuration? (RCP Pro Mk 3)

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Battery Voltage Channel Configuration? (RCP Pro Mk 3)

Post by emdash »

Not sure where this post belongs...

The Battery channel is present, and the channel does vary with engine RPM. But the value is off scale -- I'm seeing value of like 0.3 at idle - 0.8 with the engine racing a little.

Does this channel depend on power coming from the Molex connector to work correctly? I'm asking because in this case it's a big job to wire that up just to see what happens.

Or is this simply a software configuration issue? In which case I could use some info to how to configure it correctly.

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Post by brentp »

The battery calibration might be off. Did you import a MK2 configuration into MK3?

You could try doing a factory reset to see if the battery voltage shows up correctly - in the latest app, check the firmware update page under setup, there's a button there to trigger a factory reset.

The battery voltage is read through 12v power - whether it is supplied via the molex connector or RJ45.
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