RPM Input

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RPM Input

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Hi there, I have some problem reading RPM from the coil. I have the race capture pro MK3. I tried connecting directly from the ecu coil #1 signal to RPM 1 Input but no luck. It work fine on other device, I checked with an oscilloscope and I have clean square wave. Tried pretty much every combination of timer speed and pulse per revolution but no luck. Is there a maximum input voltage or something else?? I'm a bit confuse and out of idea to make this work. Any idea??

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Re: RPM Input

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Hi, RaceCapture is not designed to connect directly to an ignition coil if it is the type of coil that has a high voltage flyback. if it is, then you will need the CoilX adapter - please read the info here: https://wiki.autosportlabs.com/CoilX

You said "connected to the coil" - so the point above is worth mentioning.

What year/make/model is the car and what kind of coil is it?
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