FreedomPop $ZERO/month plan works with RaceCapture telemetry

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Brent, the FreedomPop Simcard which you supplied with the RC3 resulted in a "plan" type of "ENT GSM 500". It included 500 mb. I just purchased another simcard for a second unit and the only plan available is a "BAS GSM 200". Do you know what's up with that or how to aquire another "ENT GSM 500" plan?
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Unfortunately, Freedom Pop has discontinued the special offer for the 500MB plan. The only option is their standard 200MB plan.
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Re: FreedomPop $ZERO/month plan works with RaceCapture telemetry

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Apparently FreedomPop is discontinuing the 200MB free plan. They sent out e-mails saying due to rate changes there will be a free tier only on their "Premium" network. The Premium network free tier is a data, text and voice plan with 25 MB data allowance. No indication that a data-only free plan will be available. Also note that if you have been using the 200MB free plan, as of May 1, 2021 you will automatically be put into a $3.99/month plan. Additionally it appears it is a 4G network, so no more 3G.

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