Telemetry Issues MK2 ATT + FreedomPop

Setup and configuration for Race Capture Pro real-time telemetry features

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Telemetry Issues MK2 ATT + FreedomPop

Post by AtlJimK »

MK2 with 3.5G card, lastest FW and App. All worked well over a year ago with ATT. Fast forward to last month stopped working. Went to a Freedom Pop SIM same thing. Registered on the network no signal. Same for both ATT & FP. Spent two hours on the phone with no beans. They stated the SIMs are activated on their networks neither cannot see my device. :twisted:
RCP cell error
RCP cell error
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Post by brentp »

Hi, From your screenshot it looks like it's connected.

A couple of things to check:

* Do you see a flashing telemetry LED?
* Watch the RaceCapture log for messages about connecting telemetry. You can copy and paste it in a reply here: ... apture_Log
* After the screen shows "Registered" as in your screen shot, do you see an Ad-Hoc event at
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