E46 Fuel Consumption

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E46 Fuel Consumption

Post by Deeejay17 »

Im looking for a CAN based solution to calculating real time fuel consumption to be sent through the telemetry to be read in the pits

The Car:
2001 BMW e46 330ci. Data loggin on board with AIM soloDL with a data hub which has a smartycam and the Podium connect Telem box connected.

The current thought:
Since the SoloDL does not currently have a channel or ability to read anything fuel related other than current tank level but we know the e46 CAN bus has some data on it for fuel consumption (source: https://www.bimmerforums.com/forum/show ... us-project). The podium connect has a dual CAN capability so I was thinking I could connect the Podium directly to the e46 CAN in parallel with the AIM channels. The main CAN (AIM side) provides all the required data including GPS and the second CAN would only sniff the fuel consumption data.

Has anyone done anything like this? I know there are other (much more expensive) options such as adding sensors, but this would require spending thousands to make work so im wondering if there is a cheaper way to do this as described above. [/url]

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Post by brentp »


This should totally work. CAN 2 can be connected to an existing CAN bus and you should be able to pull the extra channels in parallel.

All you need to do is get a couple of the standard molex terminals, crimp them to two wires and run it to your OEM CAN bus connection.

https://wiki.autosportlabs.com/PodiumCo ... stom_cable

Hope this helps; please keep us posted on how it works.
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