Pit to car alerts

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Pit to car alerts

Post by jabtronic »

Not much discussion on the new pit to car alerts. At the moment it seems very basic, will there be more functionality coming soon?

Eg preset push buttons from podium and different colours available?
Some of the events I do they don't use flag marshalls and instead rely on Raceceiver radios http://www.raceceiver.com
Would be nice to be able to relay comms from pit onto the dash for backup incase car radio fails.

That would be best done by predefined toggle buttons that can be clicked from podium instead of having to type everything. Or even the ability to call a lua function from podium would be useful.

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Post by brentp »

Hi, since it's a fairly new feature we're watching to see how people use it - so far we're seeing quite a bit of activity, so it seems to be helping teams.

Still - the goal of the feature is to send simple messages to alert the drivers - so it is simple, yet effective.

We've had some requests for having some preset message options (e.g. a drop down from the podium interface).

Thanks for the thoughts and using the feature!
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