Infrared Temp Sensor

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Infrared Temp Sensor

Post by rushy »

Sorry about all the questions guys, just got hold of the device and exploring all possibilities.

If i wanted to use an Infrared temp sensor such as ... and-wiring. Which after some research looks as if it connects to an I2C bus, what is needed for it to connect to the unit, or to convert the signal to 0-5v for analog input.

If its not possible using this type of sensor, does anybody have any recommendations for sensors that could be used for tyre temps?

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Post by neoraptor »

I am also interested in this kind of sensor.
The easiest thing to do is use a microcontroller (PIC / Atmel or anything else) and receive the data from the sensor via I2C, and then use an analogue output to retrieve 0-5V signal ;)

You can also use a Melexis MLX90614. Here is a link with all hardware needed to read the sensor ( ... ng_Sensors).

The best solution would be to read all sensors through I2C and then connect the microcontroller to RaceCapture box through an expansion port, so that we do not use all the analog input for tyre temperature (usually 3 sensors/tire).

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