Low-pass filter

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Low-pass filter

Post by zechdz »

Is there a way to apply a low pass filter on analog data?

Check out my braking data, I would like to see it without the high freq fluctuations from the sensitive sensor.

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Post by Mash »

There is a simple IIR low pass filter that you can change in a config file. It's not exposed in the GUI, so you have to adjust it in the file directly.

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Post by rdoherty »

Yup, if you save your configuration file, then open it with a text editor there is the 'alpha' option. The smaller the value, the more filtering.


Open your config, find the 'analogCfg' section, then find the channel you want to edit. Save the file, open the config in the RC app and save it to RCP. We have it on our feature list to allow this to be set via the app.
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Post by razorlab »

Is this exposed in the UI yet or do I need to do the config file change still?

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Post by dewittpayne »

That looks like an exponentially weighted moving average filter. You want to make big changes in alpha. I'd start with 0.5, alpha/2, then if that's not enough go to 0.33, 0.25....

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