New User - TPS with Zetec in Locost

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New User - TPS with Zetec in Locost

Post by isaiah1000 »

I built a Locost with a blacktop 2.0 zetec motor and a megajolt. I'm using zx9r carbs with a TPS.

It'd been running great until two weeks ago. I decided to lean the carbs a little (by jets) and after it seemed to be running richer/off. Utterly confused, I messed with the air screws, replaced fuel filters, etc. Today I figured out I must have bumped the TPS because when I finally got around to plugging back in to the Megajolt (for the first time since I built it) the load was 100% always.

I have a terrible memory and had to reacquaint myself with the software. Took me forever to figure out my car was running on com 3. Then, for some odd reason, the software would always crash after about 2 minutes (I had just downloaded it yesterday) which seemed odd. And then re calibrating the TPS didn't work, until it suddenly did.

Car seems to be running better again!

Logged on here to see if I could figure out what I was doing wrong and realized I'm beginner and blackbelts are on here. Most posts I can't even tell what people are talking about ha.

There is no point to this post. Just logging in so I can come back someday if I get in over my head.

I guess the one question I have is, can I add an oxygen sensor to the data on this? I seem to vaguely remember I might have an empty input channel. Might make tuning the car go smoother.

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Re: New User - TPS with Zetec in Locost

Post by brentp »

Hi, there is an aux input channel, see the operation and installation guide on the wiki for more information on how to use that.
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