Been away a long time!

Post here to say hello! Tell us what you drive, what race series you participate in and how you want to use Race Capture to help you go faster. Pics extra welcome!

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david jenkins
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Been away a long time!

Post by david jenkins »

This not so much an introduction, more of a 'hello again!'. I haven't been on this forum for at least 6 years, probably more, so I'm really starting from scratch once again.

Absolutely ages ago I installed MJLT on my Lotus-7-lookalike sports car, probably around 2007/2008, and it's been performing perfectly ever since. A while ago I replaced the single down-draft Weber carb with a set of four CBR600 bike carbs, and changed the MJLT from MAP to TPS (I couldn't be bothered with making a common reservoir across the 4 inlets). Again, it has been working faultlessly since the change.

Now I want to take the car for a professional tune-up - and realised that my configurator software is old, and resides on a VERY flaky old laptop that is hardly able to run (it's still got Windows 2000!). So now I'm back and looking for help - my configurator is v3.2.1, was there a later version, and therefore should I worry about upgrading? If nothing else, can I still get the installation package for the V3 configurator?


(and now I'll go and see what's been happening while I've been away! :) )

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Post by brentp »

Hi David!

welcome back! A lot has been going on, specifically around the bring up of the RaceCapture/Pro data acquisitiion system. Megajolt2 has a lot of work going on in the background which we will be talking about soon.

The 3.2.1 configuration software is downloadable on our wiki.

To learn more about what we've been doing, read up on our blog here:
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