Hello from San Jose

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Hello from San Jose

Post by MichiganMat »

Hi Autosport Labs and Forum!

Im building a WRX-powered Porsche 914 to play with next year and Im investigating options for the dash. I was thinking of installing a stock WRX dash into the car but a friend turned me on to the new Race Capture module. What Im wondering is if the module + Android tablet will be effective enough to use as a primary dash solution. Has this been tried and tested yet?

Is the wireless connection fast enough to update the display in sufficient time to have a good user experience? Im an software engineer by trade (wrote a bunch of the v1 BT stack for MacOS actually, heh) and Im particular to these kinds of issues.

Looking forward to hearing peoples experiences!

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Post by rdoherty »

Hi Matt! I'm in Silicon Valley too (Mountain View)

There are a few teams using RCP as a primary dash, one is a Bricklin SV-1 racing in 24 Hours of Lemons. Their setup works great (only issue they had is making sure the tablet was getting full 2A charging, they had to swap out a few cables).

Latency is extremely low over BT, I use RCP as a secondary dash and I never notice any latency. A big factor in (perceived) latency is the tablet. Buy a powerful one like the Nvidia Shield and the app will run amazingly fast.

Another thing I do with RCP is have it drive warning LEDs, so even if the tablet breaks and our driver stops looking at gauges, bright LEDS are hard to miss :)
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Post by MichiganMat »

Im getting ready to pull the trigger on the MK3 system for my 2002 WRX project. I just want to confirm, the 2002 WRX ECU is supported, yes? Going to run the MK3 + Can/OBD Adapter, Android Tablet, with a Subaru WRX RomRaider flash.

Id be really sad to buy all this great hardware and then not be able to use it :/

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Post by brentp »

Hi Mat,

Sorry we missed this post. The classic OBDII adapter will work with your 2002 WRX and get you the essential channels:


This works with both RaceCapture/Pro and RaceCapture/Track.

Any further sales related questions you're welcome to contact us at [email protected]. Thanks!
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