Lancer Evo X install

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Lancer Evo X install

Post by psfp »

Hi guys,

I have (almost) finished my install. Just need to fit an oil temperature sensor on my next oil change.

My car is a Lancer Evolution X, used for weekend drive and track days, ocasionally.

This is my setup:

Racecapture Pro MK3 installed in armrest

ShiftX2 installed on steering column

Raspberry Pi 3 behind glovebox, sending video to my head unit over a HDMI cable and being controlled by a mini keyboard + touchpad combo.

Here is a quick demo:

I'm recording 26 ECU parameters using RAX patch (32 available, but there is not enough memory to run all of them in the LUA script), plus transmission temperature through OBDII and 6 more analog channels. The RAX parameters are being logged at 32~33 Hz, which I think is fantastic.

Each ShiftX2 alert is monitoring 3 different parameters and shift light represents the 4000 to 7000rpm range.

I'll try to make a video showing touchpad behavior soon.

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Post by brentp »

This is awesome, thanks!

You know, you're so close to what we called out for here ;) ... tallation/

Say, would the developers of the RAX software be able to modify the ECU to simply broadcast the data, without requiring polling? This would provide a data stream that more closely matches your typical aftermarket ECU.

Then you could use the direct CAN mapping, which is lightning fast and supports 100 channels:
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