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New RC Pro 3 user

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Good Evening:

I recently purchased a RC Pro 3 system to use in my 2002 Firebird racing in NASA's Camaro Mustang Challenge primarily in the midwest to the midsouth. I wanted to find a system that I call pull some engine data from the OBDII connection from my LS1 along with capturing track data. I hope to add TPMS system and possibly tire heat sensors. I used to run a traqmate system but it is no longer working. I am a bit overwhelmed by this system as it is way more complex than anything I'm used to. I am not a computer programmer, nor a mechanic, so a lot of the posts are way over my head. I'm already having trouble pulling data from the OBDII adapter. It was working for a bit but has stopped pulling RPM. Engine temperature is working as well as TPS, although appears to have a very chaotic signal. I'm hoping I can get this all working.

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Re: New RC Pro 3 user

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Hi, and welcome. It looks like you had a duplicate post elsewhere in the forums; we just replied there to help out. Feel free to continue replying there.
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