Mount trigger wheel where distributor used to be?

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Patriq wrote:Have you checked here:
Yes, that was my first stop. Per their website:

" is prohibitively expensive for us to produce 60-x and 72-x wheels.

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Ok. That was my only bet. As you can see, both me and Alexander had ours made bespoke.
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I would have to look but McMaster Carr is where I got them. Id did some digging and figured out who the rep was for the supplier to McMaster Carr and spoke with him and found that they had a large selection of 72 tooth spur gears. I had to purchase them through a local seller. Look in my build thread I think I covered it there. If not I would have to really dig as it has been 8 years since I did this (BTW my MJLjr is still going strong with over 300K miles on it!!!)

What is the specific size you are looking for?


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