how can i simulate a waveform

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how can i simulate a waveform

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could anyone tell me what is the easiest/cheepist way to send a 36-1 vr signal into a EDIS-4 module pins 5&6. i wanna trick the system. iv seen the megasquirt stimulator but i dont fully understand how it works.

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There is a way to play back a .wav or .mp3 file that simulates the correct signal- the speaker output of the computer would connect to the VR sensor input of the EDIS module. Note, we have not tested this directly, but other users have reported success.

Also: you can make a test bench with a motor / drill and a 36-1 wheel- perhaps using a gear or sprocket. This will be the most realistic way of simulating short of of a spinning crankshaft.
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