MEGAJOLT, EDIS4 AND COIL PACK WIRING + switched ignition ?

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MEGAJOLT, EDIS4 AND COIL PACK WIRING + switched ignition ?

Post by FORDMK1MK2 »

I am installing megajolt to 2.0 16 valve zetec. As the megajolt, edis4 and coil pack need 12 volt live from key switched ignition?

What is the best way to do this so there is no voltage drop when cranking ?

The way im thinking of doing it is using one 40 AMP RELAY for the edis4 and megajolt ,and 1 40 amp relay for coilpack power, with a flick switch on my centre console to switch these 2 on, and the power coming from my keyswitch on ign position to feed my on/off flick switch at the centre console ? (hope this make sense?)

Also I would like to use thinwall cable, what size in mm would be suitable for this ?

Any help and info much appreciated.

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Post by brentp »


Yes, powering it all from a high current relay is a good solution. You don't want to send that current directly through the ignition switch. Sounds like you're on the right path!
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Post by parky1972 »

I run a zetec in my mk2 fiesta.

When I've built looms for others or they ask advice.
I always recommend using a relay.
Switched from an ignition live, that stays live when cranking as most don't.
The relay takes its feed direct from the battery to the Megajolt, edis and coil pack.

As long as you use a cranking ignition live, I use the carburettor solenoid wire, to switch the relay on.
It will work.

Easy to put a switch on this wire to isolate the ignition for added security.
Don't forget to fit a fuse before the relay. 10-15amp depending on your setup.
You can run the fuel pump off of this setup too. If correctly fused and wire amp rated.


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