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I have installed a very early (v 2.0.1) unit to my Alfa boxer engine
Currently there is no RPM signal showing on the configurator
I have MAP showing, sparks at the plugs and have tried alternative crank sensor, Edis and coil packs to no avail
The PIP and SAW are definitely wired the correct way around and there is 12v to around 4.5v on cranking
The only thing that is incorrect about the install is that the crank sensor lead is not shielded along its entire length as it needed to be extended.
Could this be it?

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Apologies for the late reply.

You should verify voltages for the EDIS system as well as the voltages going to and from the Megajolt. This is a handy reference chart: ... tion_Steps

Best results is if you use an oscilloscope to verify the signals.

If you verify voltages there may be an issue with the Megajolt system itself.

Please, let us know what you find out!
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