edis 8 COP questions

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edis 8 COP questions

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hey guys first off sorry but i am new at this. i did try to search for my answer on here but did not yield the info i was seeking.

i have a 1uzfe going to run edis8 with 3uzfe COP's

i was panning on purchasing the MJ/LT jr. but now I'm not sure that will work running cop.

can anyone supply me with a wiring diagram for edis 8 and individual coils? and also can anyone tell me which megajolt would work best for my set up?

thank you in advance

picture of my project

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M/J LT won't work with COP, it works only in conjuction with an Edis module. The long awaited M/J2 should be able to do the job but that project has been in the pipe line for so long now that I would not hold my breath while waiting for it.


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